Lets Coordinate Your PPP Forgiveness

Understanding The Requirements for PPP Forgiveness

For the Small to Mid Sized Business Owner


PPP Forgiveness Coordination Services

Getting Ready for our 1st PPP Forgiveness Conference

Coordinating Your PPP Loan Forgiveness -  Key Points ...

  1. Start early - start now -
  2. Find out exactly what documentation you will need to present - I will go over this with you in detail
  3. Forgiveness is a process - NOT just simply submitting a request to the bank. There's a lot of pre-work to be done. Start early
  4. The application form itself is as complex or maybe more complex than a corporate business tax return. Don't try to this on your own unless you are expereinced and trained in auditing, accounting, policy regulations.
  5. Our fees are just an investment to ensure yuo have the best chance of getting your PPP loan forgiven
  6. Congress is still considering changes and we stay abreast of these changes


Fill out the form below and we will give you a phone call to confirm your eligibility for our PPP Forgiveness Coordinator Program

If cash basis I need to complete the Accrual basis conversion worksheet (list of open unpaid vendor invoices for the allowable expenses) – I will need to do this at the end of each month during the 8 week period and again at the end of the 8 week period

Your Next Step ...

Your next step is to schedule a date / time for you & I to discuss getting your started on putting thing sin place to ensure your PPP forgiveness.

This is critical beacuse even the Treasury Dept is anticipating that "tens of thousands of businesses" may not get their loans forgiven because of failing to meet the requirements. Let's work together so that you ar enot one of these businesses. Of course we cannot and will not make any guarantees. Forgiveness is entirely up to the Banks/SBA.

SO schedule your FREE PPP Loan Forgiveness Consultation so we can start getting you ready for Loan Forgiveness now!

To get started please complete the info in the SCHEDULING FORM and I will be in touch right away


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